The Fairytale

The story of Kiki Meribel Restaurant

Nearly half a century ago, Kiki’s first Cote de Boeuf was already grilling gently in the main chimney of the restaurant. Since then, thanks to her incomparable welcome, Kiki has become a living legend of Meribel. Kiki is a friendly little Savoyard who remained faithful to his stoves until his 88th birthday, when he decided to leave the reins to Laurianne and David, his faithful straightforces for many years. Beyond the character, it is above all the quality of the cuisine of Kiki of which they want to be the guarantors today. A love story for the simple pleasures of life.

To learn more about the story of Kiki, the character and the restaurant, we invite you to visit The KikiBlog. We have written several articles for you on the life of Kiki and his restaurant in Meribel: :
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The KikiBlog is also the news of the restaurant, the news of the resort, the news of our Chef, the changes to better serve you, etc …

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David, Home manager

David Courtaux is the former Chef de Cuisine of Kiki. He has served in the Meribel restaurant for nearly 20 years with Kiki himself. He's been shaped in Kiki's mind ! You knew Kiki's welcome and friendship, so you will love David's kindness and helpfulness. Yesterday hidden in the kitchen, he took the place of Kiki in the dining room, in front of the fireplace, to take care of his customers and his Beef coasts of course.

Lauriane, Head Chef

Lauriane Courtaux arrived in Meribel a few years ago to work as Second Head Chef and to assist Kiki and David in the exercise of their art. Lauriane is passionate, meticulous, and inventive. But today, it is thanks to its small grain of madness (artistic of course) that she managed to become the Head Chef of the Meribel restaurant. His cuisine is generous and creative, and often offers classics revisited in his own way. During the meal, remember to keep a small place to taste one of its homemade desserts, otherwise you will miss the new highlight of Kiki!

Kiki, the only one

Kiki, embodies in itself, the beautiful years of the resort, the always sincere Savoyard welcome, and the desire to share good moments around a good meal. He became a true living legend of the valley as he remained faithful to the job until his 88th birthday! "Quality, simplicity and conviviality" was his motto for all his years, and it remains so today.

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